Some final thoughts

Well… here we are in Rio! Sitting at waters edge drinking beer & Caipirinha’s and musing over the adventure.

26 days of constant sailing, no sight of any land, in a massive massive ocean. Seeing dolphins, turtles, flying fish & whales but not catching any tuna!!

So what thoughts… ?

Firstly, a huge thank you to everybody who supported me, either with donations or their specialist skills. I feel very very privileged to be amongst so many kind and generous people.

Thank you to all those who followed me, 2000 hits on website and 86% voting for me to carry on!

This is what I have observed: Our world is a beautiful and powerful place. Call it what you will; God, Nature, Mother Earth or whatever your household Gods are. We are grains of sand on our planet and that’s the beauty of it, our tiny universe within our planet which in itself is a grain of sand etc… Our successes and challenges are hugely important in our own universes but of no consequence in the bigger picture and that should give us a much better perspective on them.

I leave you with two quotes:

only those who risk going too far can ever find out how far they can go” – Oscar Wilde

you rarely regret the things you have done but often regret those you haven’t” – Sir Robin Knox Johnson

So, be brave, be adventurous and enjoy our beautiful planet”

Thank you so much for your love and support …

Ricardo Races to ????


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