My final post from the race

Just 30 miles from Rio but endlessly tacking (zig zagging into the wind) so sometimes heading for Rio then heading away from it.


An amazing 48 hours of sailing with 30 knot winds smashing the boat and then 25 knot winds straight on the head in the final push to Rio.


It’s amazing that after 26 days at sea the frontrunners are all within 25 nMs of each other. That equals less than 0.25% of the total straight line distance, it really is that close !!


We’re currently 3rd but Henri Lloyd behind us have got 7 hours reparation for a diversion they had to make to help another boat in the doldrums who had run out of water, they are currently a little more than 7 hours behind us, so we need to cross the line 7 hours before them or we will loose 3rd place.


The reparation is a controversial issue because they diverted for 7 hours in the doldrums meaning they lost almost no ground because everyone wasn’t moving but the reparation is over the whole race so right now doing 10 knots it’s worth 70 nMs. Not fair but nothing we can do.. !! Watch Henri Lloyd !!!


Life on board difficult, any last remnants of personal hygeine have been abandoned as all we are doing is working the boat and ourselves as hard as possible plus of course the endless pitching and crashing of the boat. Waves breaking over the foredeck etc… We’ve all certainly had our money’s worth over the last few days.


The crew roughly divides into those who absolutely love it and those who look terrified!! No prizes for guessing which camp I fall in!!


Last bit coming up, should be in Rio in 2 1/2 hours, followed by a few cold beers…



R xx


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