Nearing the end

Well… after 24 days at sea the final end of the race is near.

We have 300 nM to go and are currently doing around 10 nM per hour.

Amazingly after all this time, the front runners are very closely bunched, anybody can win, the problem with the distance positions you see is that they are just straight lines between the boat and Rio, they may, or may not be, sailable in that direction.

Our last tactic was to gybe (OK turn right) further South than the others, this gives us a better straight run, with a better wind angle into Rio. Well, that’s the theory .. time will tell.

ETA finish line is Sunday morning, we are cautiously optimistic but anything can happen. On board, there’s a feeling of confidence, mixed with complete concentration as no one wants to make a mistake at this vital stage.

Thank you so much to everyone who has and is following me I feel amazingly supported and stunned to hear the 50 people had voted for me to carry on before fate intervened and I had to take it off!! Although I have mixed feelings about not continuing, I know it’s the right decision for me.

It’s been an amazing experience which I will write about later and share some of those thoughts with you.





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