A techy one

Bit technical this one, just so I can pretend that I’ve learnt something !!!


Currently we’re 622 nM from Rio and the last twists and turns of the race are comimg to the fore.


The winds currently NE and lighter are the last of the trade winds before the Southerlies from the South Atlantic take over. These usually kick in around Capo Frio, the top corner of South America.


So right now we’re pushing hard to get to Capo Frio within 48 hours,by 5th October, some 200 n miles per day. When they do kick in, we’ll be sailing straight into the wind and the only way to do that is to tack ( basically zig zag up wind). The issue with that is that the last 200 nM geographically become 400 nM actually, basically double the distance.


So anybody can still win, although the best chance is with the front three (which includes us). Expect the field to close up as those behind us are still be in good winds whereas we are in lighter.But don’t panic as they will hit the same light winds as us when they get here. The further South we can get before the Southerlies take over is going to decide who is on the podium or not.


God I can’t stand the tension !!!


As ever, thanks so much to everyone who’s following this.


Love Ricardo xx


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