Off Portugal‏

Literally bashed our way though yesterday and last night.


35 knot winds, waves bigger than the boat coming from behind and we surfed down them. Our speed around 13 knots with peaks of 16. Fast !


Boat pitching all the time and a simple task of getting around the boat takes on a huge new level of effort as often the deck disappears from beneath your feet. Pouring water into a cup is total guess work as what appears to be a vertical line between kettle and cup is actually 30 degrees one way or the other.


I was ‘mother’ yesterday cooking and cleaning for 21, supposed to be two of us but my other ‘half’ was ill so it became almost impossible with pots and pans flying around all the time!!


We’re off Portugal about 190 mls away with Lisbon pretty well due East, Race info last updated at 6.00 put us at 8th, measured from Rio, but that takes no account of position and or likely winds, so we feel we are better placed.


Ripped our spinnaker last night, result…. 3 days of sewing!!


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