Bay of Biscay Blog

Set out from Brest on Monday midday heading into Bay of Biscay. Weather was forecast  as ‘sporty’ which means we were beating straight into the wind for 24 hours. Result, half the crew feeling and being, very ill and the other half exhausted from the sheer effort of keeping vertical! Good job this is leisure, i’d hate to do this as a job!!

Plan is to head around Cape Finestere, onto Canaries, past Cape Verde and then into the dodrums at the equator.

Simple tasks such as just getting around the boat take a whole new amount of effort and when someone asks you to get something for them because you are closer to it uses valuable energy.

Having had my mini energy crisis at the outset from UK to been keeping up the hi energy powders, gels and bars. Result is good.

More in due course, watch becons again only 82 more to go!!



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