Following my team’s race…

This is Jo-Jo, Dick / Ricardo / Richard’s daughter. I’ll be keeping the page up to date with all his news and blog entries while he’s away.

Here’s a picture I took yesterday showing the Tower Bridge lift times – the bridge lifted at 13:00 for dad’s boat (CV22) and again at 13:30 for him to come back through and set off for Southend.


You can follow his team (Qingdao – CV22) on facebook on the official team page or on the friends and family page, on clipper’s twitter feed or hashtag or on the live race tracker where you can see the position of the boats and who is winning – Team Qingdao are the yellow boat.


3 thoughts on “Following my team’s race…

  1. Hi Ricardo, Loving the honey, honey!
    I am following you and loving what you are all doing. Go Qingdao, I am with you in spirit!
    Well done JoJo for taking this on.
    Love Gailx

  2. Following you on here, Richard. Very best of luck to you, you can do it hun. So lovely to see you again this Summer. PS Don’t pick up the wine bill the whole way! 🙂 Much love, Jean Lelliott, Jersey xx

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