My latest training sail

2 weeks ago I spent a week doing my final training sail in the Solent. It was hard! I spent half the time thinking ‘ this is bloody brilliant’ and the other half thinking ‘oh god! Remind me why I’m doing this again…’

At one point I had only 4 hours sleep over 48 hours. But it was really nice to be sailing in warm weather; rather than being stuck out in the freezing cold trying to hoist sails or even just tie knots when your hands will barely work!

We were on our brand new 70 foot yacht trying to work out how to sail the thing, whilst at the same time trying to fix the stuff that must have looked great in the design studio, but when it hit the water didn’t work

Not long now until my big race on 1st September – please forward this website on to your friends, and please please dig deep and donate to support my fundraising.

Thank you so much to all who have donated so far – I’m humbled by your generosity and kindness.



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